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Final Fantasy XV ATR 7.0 Watching it so you don't have to.

So, as we know a new Episode Duscae trailer has been released. Titled “Dawn”. Meant specifically to evoke feelings of parental guardship over their children. I’m not a parent, but that did not stop me from feeling the feels.


They have plans to announce the release date, but that can be described as plans within plans within plans at this point.

They dispelled the release date rumors of Cologne Germany. We are not getting a release date today, nor are we getting anything more than actual gameplay footage and a brief story synopsis.


The story so far.

A political marriage.

After a long and bitter conflict, Lucis has been forced to sign an Armstice with the kingdom of Nifelheim.


Noctis will be arranged to marry the Lady Lunafreya of the kingdom of Nifelheim to solidify peace.

However, this arrangement was a ruse to get the country Lucis to lower its shield.


The crystal is taken and Noctis’ father and his beloved are presumed dead.

Noctis has but his friends and his will to seek answers.

Which could explain the road trip, but raises so many other questions.

Good news

An official Final Fantasy XV forum is opening soon. So we can get our gripe on there.


The gameplay trailer in question was nothing spectacular. We were shown new areas, from plateaus and caverns to explore, as well as precarious cliff areas that are linked by big makeshift metal tube bridges. Even well designed swamps

The location shown in the gameplay trailer where the action happens includes a Malboro.


The Malboro in question SHREK’D the party.

Noctis approaoches a little flower petal sticking out of a slimy green stalagmite while his party is shouting at him. I think they are warning him not to do that.


A Malboro comes out, and does a heavy bite attack, dealing much damage to Noctis and knocking him down.

His party had a hard time dealing with the Malboro so they did not raise him.

The Malboro unleashed its Bad Breath and wiped the party out into a red Game Over Screen.


This was explained to be in the second half of the game. The Malboro have made it their natural habitat and often hide in normal places.

They hinted that If you aren’t careful, monsters will surprise attack you and kill you.


The Malboro’s Bad Breath is deadly as always.

....And smelly.

This was all we got unfortunately, more announcements will be made at the next ATB on August 28 - 31 at PAX Prime.


Further announcements will be made at the Tokyo Game Show on September 17 - 19.

So yeah, look forward to the hype of Vaporware.

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